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A Message from theShinnecock Presbyterian Church

The Shinnecock Presbyterian Church is the oldest continuous reformed Indian congregation in the United States. As a spiritual and worshipping body, this church has served the people of the Shinnecock Indian Nation since the late 1600′s. Though over the years the tribe has become a glorious medley of denominations and beliefs systems, including the return to ancestral ways of prayer, the church today remains a place to gather and offer prayers of thanks and hope for the continued health, prosperity and unity of the people. Though the congregation is small by many standards the faith of the devoted congregation provides a “full house” every Sunday.

The Shinnecock Presbyterian Church is very much a “by the book” Presbyterian church. However, cultural traditions remain in the hearts and minds of the people and often become intertwined with worship service. Our annual June Meeting reminds all of the importance of family, worship, the continued strengthening of the ties that bring us to this place. Our “Christian” burials are incomplete without the ancestral songs to send our loved ones home to reunite with our Creator.

The Rev. Michael F. Smith, a graduate of Princeton seminary and a son of the tribe, has been in service for over 20 years. In answer to God′s call he continues to take on the challenge of being in service to his own people. He strongly encourages participation of the children in worship and all aspects of the life of the Church.

The Shinnecock Presbyterian Church strives to include the children of our community in a diverse number of activities. The leadership of the Church school believes that the Creator′s message is found in many daily activities. By providing the children with small responsibilities and tasks, we are making strong impressions that will carry them through out their life time, and hopefully, they will remain faithful to the community, congregation, church and the Creator.

Our church is a family of faith, and enjoys extending its hospitality to those who wish to worship and serve the Lord with us. We wish you peace, and may your travels be blessed. With that said, we, of the Shinnecock Presbyterian Church of the Shinnecock Indian Nation, welcome you to attend our services.

  • RegularWorship Services: 11:00 a.m.
  • Summer Worship Services: 10:00 a.m.

(Summer Sunday services begin the First Sunday in June (Our June Meeting) and ends with the Sunday of Labor Day Weekend.